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Personal Injury Attorney

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In a city like Philadelphia, there are millions of people living right on top of one another in a hustling, bustling urban environment. In crowded...

Auto Accident Attorney

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Cars are a necessary part of everyday life for those of us, like you and I, who live in the Philadelphia area.So, a lot of drivers get careless behind...

Slip and Fall Attorney

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Even if you're trying to be safe, which I know you are, we live in a world full of unmarked stairs, carelessly left wet floors, and hidden hazards that...


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Welcome To Aaron D Denker

As one of Philadelphia's most experienced personal injury attorneys, I, Aaron D. Denker, am proud to serve my clients with an impressive array of legal skills whenever you've been injured due to someone else's carelessness. Whether you need help with an auto accident, slip and fall, or other type of personal injury mishap, I have the know how to serve your cause with compassion and excellence.

I love helping clients win personal injury cases. I love it because I'm good at it, I like helping people, and it's the right thing to do, period! I get these big wins by employing crack medical and scientific experts to design a case that will win you the money damages necessary to get your life back together.

As a personal injury attorney, that often means I'm an auto accident attorney. Auto accident law is especially dependent on good use of medical and scientific information, in addition to accounting, that helps you arrive at a fair sum to see you rehabilitated from your injuries.

Whether you're already facing a court case or just wondering if you have a claim, don't wait – you need to get the opinion of an experienced attorney immediately. Contact me by phone for a free, 1-hour legal consultation, or just drop by my conveniently located Philadelphia office! Talk to me today, and let's get to work making you whole!