Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall Attorney

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Even if you're trying to be safe, which I know you are, we live in a world full of unmarked stairs, carelessly left wet floors, and hidden hazards that can trip us up when we least expect it. It's all fun and games until you fall on concrete and shatter a hip or leg. When that happens, whoever is responsible for the accident will obviously try to escape liability. That's when you need to contact me, Aaron D. Denker, immediately, as your slip and fall attorney, to make sure you get the settlement you deserve!

I have years of experience practicing as a slip and fall attorney, and there's one thing I know: when you're hurt in a slip and fall situation, somebody on the other side is going to try and blame you for your own injury. Fortunately for you, that's not how the law works. In American personal injury law, the property owner or operator is obligated to keep a safe environment for invitees and other guests. When they shirk that duty and create a dangerous condition that leads to your injury, the law wants you to make them pay!

As your slip and fall attorney, I'll use every scientific tool at my disposal to get you the favorable results you deserve. This includes hiring our own doctors and medical professionals to analyze your injury and explain its full extent to a judge and jury. We'll also consider using professional accident reconstructionists to create an accurate narrative of exactly how you were injured. In all cases, we'll demonstrate how you were blameless for your injury, so now it's only right that the other party pays for their mistake!

When you enter the world of slip and fall law, you're going to go up against some heavy-hitting insurance companies, which makes the whole process sound scary. It won't be, so long as you hire me, Aaron D. Denker, as your slip and fall attorney! Contact me now at my Philadelphia law office for a free, 1-hour consultation, and let's get you the settlement you deserve, so you can get back to healing!